Breakfast with Santa and Gift Making Workshop

Saturday, December 8th

Breakfast Seatings at 9:00 or 10:15

Gift Making Workshop 9:00-12:00

Call for reservations: 262-251-3830,

Breakfast seatings are at 9:00 or 10:15 in Celebration Hall. Please make reservations on the bulletin boards or through the main office. The Gift Making Workshop is for children ages 4-10 to make up to four gifts for family members. It will be open from 9:15 – 12:00. If you will be attending the 10:15 breakfast, you may come earlier to participate in the Gift Making Workshop before you eat.

The Narthex will be the entrance for the event with registration for gift baskets, a train display and coloring pages. Celebration Hall will open right before the seating times for you to enjoy breakfast, listen to the story of Christmas and visit Santa. There will be a space in the front for families to get a picture with Santa. After eating, take your children down the hall to participate in the Gift Making Workshop while the adults relax in Fellowship Hall.

We are looking for volunteers to make and serve breakfast, donate items for the sweets table, help in Celebration  Hall and Fellowship Hall, as well as with the Gift Making Workshop. Please contact Stacy or Angie with any questions or for information about how you can help.

This is a wonderful time for parents, grandparents and children to enjoy breakfast together with Santa.