Knowing God

How can we say that we love God when we barely know the God Jesus called Father?

Using the resource – The God We Can Know:  Exploring the “I AM” Saying of Jesus by Rob Fuquay, we study John’s “I AM” sayings of Jesus, namely I AM … the Bread of Life … the Light of the World … the Good Shepherd … the True Vine … the Way …, the Truth, and the Life … the Resurrection and the Life, and connect them to your life.

The DVD allows us to travel to the Holy Land with Rob Fuquay and see places where Jesus stood and made these declarations.

Pastor Graham West will offer this eight-session group Wednesdays, at 10:30am and 6:30pm, beginning September 26.

Please sign up on bulletin board. Resource books available at a cost of $7.00 from the church office.