Special gifts are our response to appeals for a one time gift to support a special project. These projects are not included in the church’s annual budget. Three examples of special gifts are:

  • The Piano Fund. Gifts were requested to purchase a replacement piano for the choirs.
  • Habitat for Humanity. Gifts were requested to support this mission of the church.
  • BECAS. Gifts were requested to provide scholarship funds to make it possible for poor Honduran children to attend school.

Gifts to any special requests like the above are best made by check with the designation written in the memo field. These may be mailed to the church or placed in the offering plate during worship. In some cases you may be able to give online through our online giving page. This is possible if a special account has been created on our online giving page for the request.

Another kind of special gift is a donation in memory of a loved one, often at a funeral. The family often designates these gifts for a special purpose. They are held in our Memorial Fund until used.