Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church was started by Pennsylvanian Germans who moved to the area in 1844. The first Evangelical Church was built in 1860. When the roof was destroyed by a windstorm in 1861, the church was razed and a larger church was built on the same site. Finally, the “old red brick church,” again larger than the previous building, was dedicated in 1903 on the corner of Appleton Avenue and Roosevelt in downtown Menomonee Falls. In the late 1950’s the congregation again realized more space was needed. The current church is on the site chosen then. Additions to the original church were added in 1994. The sanctuary was updated in 2004 and Celebration Hall was updated in 2009.

The congregation has grown from a few German speaking farm families to 900 people from all over the area. The congregation reaches out to the surrounding zip codes, the metro area, the nation and the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The congregation of Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church constantly strives to answer God’s call to share the power of God’s love with our communities. We look forward to where God will lead us next.