Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church is a vibrant, transformative community of Christ followers sharing God's love with our neighbors, as Jesus did.

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Sunday Morning Schedule

8:30 am Sanctuary Service and Celebration Service
9:30 am Community Quest for All Ages
10:30 am Sanctuary Service

Sanctuary Sermon Series

February 11
“Glowing Moments”
Glowing moments enlighten the journey

February 14 (6:30 pm)
Ash Wednesday Service

February 18
Chaos is tamed by remembering God

February 25
‘The devil made me do it’ doesn’t cut it!

Celebration Sermon Series

February 11
“Setting Up Camp”
Lingering moments within a greater journey

February 4 (Holy Communion)
Services in Sanctuary

February 18
“In the Wilderness”
Navigating the landscapes of our faith journey

February 25
“No One Said it Would be Easy”
Accepting the challenges that come with following Christ